When they think about asphalt, most people just think of driveways and parking lots.  Truth be told, asphalt can be used in hundreds of different applications.  Learn more here.


Asphalt isn’t always applied in thick coats.  A kind of asphalt called “mastic” can be used to waterproof roofs.  Some businesses have underground storage structures, and these can also be waterproofed with a coat of asphalt. The roofing shingles on most houses are made of asphalt. Learn more about Asphalt Paving Contractors Avoid Future Problems.


You may not have thought about it, but automakers use asphalt when making cars.  It is often used to coat the inside of fenders to reduce the chances of rust forming and to cut down on road noise.  It also coats the inside of the hood to cut down on engine noise. 

Industrial Uses 

When reservoirs are being built, asphalt is often used to line the reservoir.  Swimming pools are also often coated in asphalt.  When pipes are made, they are often coated with asphalt. 

With all the technology in use today, there are often hundreds of cables used to connect everything.  These kinds of cables are frequently coated with asphalt. The runways at airports are usually made with asphalt.  Tennis courts and racetracks are also made of asphalt.