Business owners with parking lots often consider their parking lot a big headache.  But if they seek out a good asphalt paving contractor, they won’t have this headache anymore. See more here. 

Depressions Become Potholes

Over time, sometimes, a flat surface will develop a little dip.  Then rain will collect in that little dip, and the asphalt will begin to turn into a pothole. See here for information about Sealcoating Can Save You, Big Bucks.

A good asphalt paving contractor knows this can be avoided.  When the foundation is laid for the parking lot, a good contractor will ensure that the lot is installed with at least a 2% slope so that surface water will run off.  

If the native soil under the lot is soggy, a good installation contractor will know how to handle the water problem so that the parking lot remains worry-free.  The foundation should have a good drainage system installed before anything else is done.  Asphalt paving contractors can install a gravel base, and they can install a grid system that drains the water away from the lot.  

Edge Cracks

A good contractor will let his customers know that heavy vegetation at the edges of the lot can cause it to crumble at the edges. They will advise the customer what to plant to avoid this problem.