At 131 Conway Twitty Lane, visitors to Hendersonville will find a huge park with enough amenities to satisfy everyone in the family. Located along Drakes Creek, this park contains a total of over 7 miles of paved trails. Learn information about Harrisburg, PA here.


Drakes Creek Park is heaven for people who like to play sports.  It boasts 16 baseball/softball fields and several basketball courts.  There are also sand volleyball courts and soccer fields, and football fields. Discover facts about Johnny Cash Home in Hendersonville, TN.


A trail known as Drakes Creek Park South is contained in Drakes Creek.  It is a 1.7-mile loop trail through the park and along the creek.  This trail also connects to the Hendersonville Greenway.

Since the path is paved and about 4 feet wide, it is handicapped accessible. The terrain is flat to gentle, so it is considered an easy trail.  Kids enjoy this trail because there is a vending machine for bird food so that they can throw food to ducks and geese along the creek.


The park has a large open playground area and shelters for groups.  It also has several picnic areas with tables.  Some have grills, and others don’t.  

Kids can also enjoy watching fish and turtles in the creek, and there is a large dog park nearby. Everyone can enjoy birdwatching.