People often look at their neighbor’s driveways up and down the street to try to figure out what they want to do in their own driveway.  Here are some strong reasons to use asphalt paving. More can be found here.


Concrete’s biggest drawback is cost.  Not only is the material cost, but it takes more time to install, so the installation is also more costly. Don’t forget the inconvenience cost:  that concrete driveway needs a week to cure before you can drive on it. Learn more about How Can Asphalt be Considered Eco-Friendly.

When concrete needs repair, the repairs often look unsightly.  Then, at the end of the concrete driveway’s life, it has to be broken up into pieces and hauled away to clog up the landfill.  


Laying an asphalt driveway can be about 40% cheaper than a concrete driveway.  Asphalt can be rolled out and used the next day.  No time wasted waiting for it to cure.  

When an asphalt driveway needs to be replaced, the top layer is just ground up and recycled.  Must better for our earth.  

Concrete slabs are also prone to break when a too-heavy vehicle drives over them.  They also can break if the concrete installation team did not do a good job of laying the foundation under the driveway.