Most people know that asphalt comes from petroleum.  So how can people say it is environmentally friendly? Further facts about Harrisburg, PA can be found here.


For one thing, asphalt is the king of recycled materials.  As the asphalt wears out, a good asphalt paving company can come in and grind away the top layers of the asphalt.  Then this material is recycled and used again.  Reclaimed asphalt paving, commonly called RAP, is the most recycled material in the United States.    Asphalt shingles are also one of the most recycled materials in the United States. Information about Is the Tarmac at the Airport Paved with Asphalt can be found here.

Used Motor Oil

Asphalt is also ecologically friendly because it can be made from used motor oil.  Instead of burning off the oil or dumping it into landfills where it leeches into the soil, asphalt can be manufactured from the used motor oil.  The oil is distilled just like crude petroleum, and the solid byproduct is used in asphalt.  

Energy Use

Producing asphalt uses very little energy compared to other paving materials.  It is a byproduct of distilling crude oil, which we are going to do anyway, so there is no more extra energy used to end up with asphalt. Studies show that pavement made of asphalt use 20% less energy than other pavement surfaces.