Any good vacation has to include lazy sunset views of a beautiful city while lounging on a riverboat.  Especially if the riverboat happens to be one of the last remaining paddle-wheel boats in the United States.  If this sounds good to you, go to City Island in Harrisburg, PA, and board a leisurely cruise on the Susquehanna Riverboat. If you take this cruise when you first get to Harrisburg, it gives you a good overview of the city to help you plan what to do next.  The cruise is narrated and typically lasts 45 minutes.  The boat was built and launched in 1988 and has carried over a million passengers in that time.  More can be found here. 

Themed Tours

It’s great just appreciating being on the water, feeling the river breezes blowing, and enjoying the company of other boat lovers.  But you can also plan ahead and book one of the tours that have a special theme. Sometimes they offer a murder mystery cruise for people who love mysteries.  Other times they might have a Maryland blue crab cruise.  Sometimes the cruise features live music.  Or you can choose from wine and cheese night, family-themed pirate adventure cruises, Jazzin’ on the Pride cruise,  for the Moonlight Party Cruises.  Learn more about Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts in Harrisburg, PA.