Sprocket Mural Works

Sprocket Mural Works is a non-profit organization that is revitalizing Harrisburg buildings.  In 2017 it started a “mural fest,” calling in artists from all around the world to paint murals on walls all over Harrisburg.  Artists compete to be chosen to paint one of the murals. That beginning year, the artists completed 18 walls in ten days.  When visitors come to Harrisburg, they can see all 45 murals that have been completed since the mural fest began.  It makes a great way to see the city – hopping from one mural to the next.  Click here for facts about Harrisburg, PA.

Go-Kart Racing

Another offbeat way to spend your time in Harrisburg, PA, is to go go-kart racing.  If you are traveling with kids, they will love this.  At the Autobahn Indoor Speedway, you can race an electric go-kart around a 40,000 square foot area.   Kids must be at least 8 years old and 48 inches tall for the Junior Karts.  Click here to read about Outdoor Joy in Harrisburg, PA.

Adams-Ricci Community Park

Just over the river, about 10 minutes west of Harrisburg, PA, you will find Adams-Ricci Community Park. This park has 82 acres full of outdoor activities.  It includes soccer fields, tennis courts, volleyball courts, pickleball courts, a batting cage, horseshoe pits, and three bocce ball courts.