When planning their next big asphalt paving job, a builder or contractor may be asked what kind of asphalt they want to use in the project.  Here are the different choices. Information can be found here.

Hot Mix and Warm Mix

When paving a highway or other roads, the hot mix is most often used.  This kind of asphalt is mixed with about 95% sand, gravel, or stone.  It’s the kind of asphalt you see steaming out of a big machine on the side of the road when a highway is being constructed. See here for information about Asphalt Can do Anything.

Hot mix is heated to 300 degrees and poured at that temperature.  Warm mix doesn’t have to be held to that temperature, and it cools more slowly than hot mix.  Warm mix also contains emulsions that lighten it and make it easier to pour and spread.  

Cold Mix

This is the kind of asphalt most people are familiar with.  It doesn’t have to be heated at all and is the cheapest form of asphalt.  It is used for repairing cracks and potholes in pavement.  

Cut-back Asphalt and Mastic

Cut-back asphalt is mixed with petroleum which makes it very volatile, so it isn’t used much.  Mastic asphalt is mixed with stone and mineral powder and is used for waterproofing.