When planning a vacation to Harrisburg, PA, sometimes people want to do radically different things.  Some people want fun with science, and some people want to appreciate the arts.  The Whitaker Center for Science and the Arts will be sure to keep everyone happy. Further facts about Harrisburg, PA can be found here.

Sunoco Performance Theater 

People who are interested in acting and theatre arts will be thrilled at this center.  It has a four-story cinema screen where movies really come to life.  In the Sunoco Performance Theater, there are live dances, music, and theater performances to enjoy. Everyone is encouraged to go backstage to learn how movies are made and how performances are put together. Information about City Island Complex in Harrisburg, PA can be found here. 

Harsco Science Center

In the Harsco Science Center, there are several different exhibits to keep kids involved.  One popular exhibit is called KidsPlace – everything in it is for kids age 5 and under. It’s really cool because it has a life-sized “Operation” game.   

Another science exhibit is called Forces of Nature.  This one explains weather and geology.  There are other exhibits about physical sciences, biological sciences, and life sciences.  

The Harsco Science Center is also home to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Workshops. In these workshops, parents and kids work together to solve design challenges using STEM skills.